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Our expert-made APK is now available
GTA 5 apk is a mobile version of Grand Theft Auto V for Android devices. Mobile gamers have been dreaming about playing GTA 5 on their mobiles and tablets, now, finally, it is possible! You no longer need cloud-based emulator to download and play GTA 5 on mobile, now you can play real, official GTA 5 Apk from Rockstar games.

GTA 5 Android version features same characters and events as seen in original GTA V. You start playing as one of the main character – Trevor. Later on you’ll switch characters and you can play as Michael and Franklin as well. You can follow all three main playable characters’ stories, complete missions and enjoy with realistic, crime based story of GTA 5. Gta 5 Mobile download gta 5 mobile online apk gta 5 download official gta 5 for android & ios

System requirements for GTA 5 apk

  • Minimum Android version: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Recommended Android version: Android 4.4 KitKat & above

  • Minimum Random Access Memory(RAM): 1.5Gb with Quad-core CPU or 2Gb with Dual-core CPU

  • Recommended Random Access Memory(RAM): 3Gb or more

  • Minimum CPU: 1.5Ghz Quad-core or 1.8Ghz Dual-core CPU

  • Recommended CPU: 2.5Ghz Quad-core CPU or better

  • Minimum GPU: Adreno 300 or similar

  • Recommended GPU: Adreno 430 or better

The game works best with powerful devices with Android 4.2 – 5.0, it should work fine with most new Android versions too.

For optimal performance close all other apps & games, try to free up as much RAM as possible and make sure the device works smoothly, only then open and play GTA 5 Apk

Download and installation

To download GTA 5 on Android and install it successfully, you will need high speed unlimited internet, 3G, 4G or WiFi will do the job. Installation files are nearly 2.5Gb, so you need unlimited data plan or at least several GBs available.

​To install game successfully, both, apk and cache files are required. Cache is compressed version of game’s core and asset files, after decompression it’s real size is 3.7Gb.

Apk file contains some basic core files and can be directly installed, however, cache contains main required files to actually run and play the game and it requires decompression and correct placement.


After you download apk and cache, extract folder inside archive. You can use WinRar/7-Z on PC or RAR app on Android. Extract may take several minutes depending on CPU speed.
After folder is extracted, move it to your phone’s Android/data folder.
You can find “Android” folder in root of your device’s internal storage.

After you successfully move cache folder, install apk.
*You may need to mark “Unknown Sources” in phone Settings->Security if you’re installing apk for first time.*

Final step: After installation is complete, open the game and on login screen click “Offline” button.
Wait for game to fully load and then click on “Resume”

Congrats, GTA 5 is ready to be played!

maxresdefault (29).jpg

Play GTA 5 anywhere, anytime

On this website you can Download GTA 5 Mobile on your Android and iOS device. Install GTA 5 APK on your phone or tablet today. GTA V Mobile brings fascinating gameplay and great graphics. Let's download and enjoy GTA V on your phone right now! In GTA 5, players can range from robbery missions, fancy racing, death matches, ... GTA 5 Mobile (Grand Theft Auto 5 Mobile) GTA 5 Mobile - GTA 5 Android & iOS - GTA 5 APK Download

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