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How to make a modded account on GTA5 Online | PS5, PS4, XBOX ONE, AND PC UPDATED 2023 No Bans

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

We now offer our best ever modding package!

This is the most premium package we offer!

These accounts work on GTA 5 Online on all consoles including Next-Gen (PS5/XBOX X)

Every account is 100% Custom made to your specification.

After you make your purchase you will be directed to our detailed account creation page...

You will be able to customise absolutely everything including:

  • Any level

  • Any amount of Cash

  • Any modded outfits

  • Any modded vehicles

  • Any modded colours

  • Latest Anti-ban + Ability to hide your online username

  • Trolling options (Online)

  • Money drop for friends

  • Unlimited Ammo/snacks

  • Teleportation menu

  • Much much more

These accounts will be make on the same day as sale and you will be in touch with your account creator so you can change anything (Free of charge up to 30 Days after sale)

If you are unhappy with the account you can expect a full refund.

Watch the video below for more information

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Modded Accounts
Modded Accounts
26. März 2023


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Josh Lazar
Josh Lazar
28. März 2023
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