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Gta 5 Superhero Mods +Download

This mod is so much fun to try out because it really gives players the full Superman experience. Be any superhero you can think of in Gta 5!

Why now?

The most recent MCU film released when GTA V came out was “Iron Man 3”.

And “Thor: The Dark World” came out only a couple months later.

Back then, Thor was rubbish. Now look at him! He’s gained weight and plays Fortnite!

Sixteen MCU movies have been released since then(as of this writing).

So much time has passed, so many thousands of comics. So many mods, and games.

Yet still, no brand new free-roaming Rockstar-esque game with a variety of heroes to run amok in!

Well here’s the next best thing: a bunch of superhero mods from Marvel to DC comics, all designed for your GTA5 pleasure.

Here’s how to download it:

Download Gta 5 Mods:

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