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Gta 5 Modded account Services

We are professionals at creating modded accounts & money drops lobbies for GTA 5 Online




  • Any level 

  • Any cash

  • Unlock all

  • Modded outfits

  • Modded vehicles

  • Anti-ban

  • Trolling options

  • Modded colours

  • (optional) God mode,

  • Custom stats,

  • Custom name,

  • (optional) invisibility,

  • Support after sale and much more.

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Money drops


  • Access to our 24/7 Private Money dropping lobbies on ALL CONSOLES

  • Latest Anti-ban installed for 100% Protection against bans


Mod menus


  • God mode

  • Money drop options

  • Modded weapons

  • Modded outfits

  • Modded vehicles

  • Trolling options

  • Unlock all

  • RP Boosting

  • Recovery options

  • Teleport/Misc

  • Much, much more

How does it work?


Make Purchase

Purchase a modded account package via two ways:

1. Cash App: Leave a note with your email

2. Patreon: Purchase a modded account tier and you will be instantly sent a form to fill with what exactly you want on your account.


Work Starts

As soon as your Payment has been received and we have confirmed what account you want we will start work on it. We will send you updates whilst we are creating your account so you can expect to receive exactly what you have asked for.


Receive account

Once your account is ready, we will send the information directly to you within 60 mins of purchase. If we didn't meet your requirements, you are unsatisfied or the account gets banned (within the first 90 days) then you can expect a FULL REFUND and we will offer a brand new account.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions HERE

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